FASTER is driven to engineer and create roller skating products designed to stand the test of time, providing the performance advantage derived from the highest quality equipment. FASTER is on the prowl to not only change what skaters think in terms of quality roller skating wheels, but also to influence market expectations regarding transparency of productions, materials, fulfillment methodology, consumer feedback, and overall sustainable business practices.

The FASTER Hub system was developed to replace only the component of a roller skate wheel that wears out, the tire. The FASTER precision cut aluminum hubs are designed for years of high impact roller skating, eliminating expenses in replacing components and providing a superior crafted hub.

Wearing FASTER is a real way to contribute to the health and sustainability of our environment through sport. Reusing high quality aluminum hubs saves disposable hubs composed of plastic and various materials from being thrown away. FASTER reuses all packaging materials and responsibly disposes of non-recyclable materials. Go. Green. FASTER.

FASTER components are pressed in Austin, TX. Hubs are precision cut in Pennsylvania and Tires are poured with an iconic urethane in Georgia, the heart of the American South.

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