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Atom Juke 4.0 Wheels

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  • Manufactured by: Atom Luigino

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Atom continued the evolution of their newest Juke wheel by revamping the original formulas so that the new Juke wheels have the roll and feel of the original popular wheel with updates that make it the best juke on the market so far!

Juke is one of Atom's classic 59mm wheels. Smaller than the normal 62mm Derby wheel allowing you to maneuver much easier on the track. That's right! Smaller in circumference! Juke left, Juke right, slow down and speed up much quicker. This will allow for faster plow stops and hockey stops, and the smaller circumference gets you back up to speed for faster recovery. Amazing for Flat Track Derby.

Available in 88A Pale Blue, 91A Pale Orange, 93A Pale Pink, 95A Pale Green and are slim.

59mm x 38mm

Want more roll? Try the Atom Juke 4.0 ALLOY Wheels!

Available in sets of 4 or 8.

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