187 Moxi Junior Super Six Pack Pads Set - Leopard

187 Moxi Junior Super Six Pack Pads Set - Leopard

Moxi and 187 teamed up to design these awesome pads with ultimate craftsmanship to optimize the fit, comfort, and durability of this pack. 187 Killer Pads® is the brand trusted by the top skaters in the world.


  • Contoured form-fitting design cradles knee
  • Superior foam system absorbs hard impacts
  • Streamline shape and design increases mobility
  • Seamless interior finish provides ultimate comfort
  • Ballistic nylon with industrial weight stitching ensures durability
  • Size specific caps create close contact with pad to minimize bulk


To ensure a perfect knee, elbow, and wrist fit, measure circumference of extended knee and elbow and measure hand circumference at the knuckles.

JR  Wrist 6" - 7" / Knee 9" - 11" / Elbow 6" - 8"

For larger sizes see the standard 187 Six Pack Pads Set.


90 day manufacturer warranty