Derby Laces SPARK Glitter Laces


Enhance your skates aesthetic with these laces full of sparkle, and glitz!


  • SPARK by Derby Laces create a natural friction when tightened to help them stay tied, tight, and where you want them while skating.
  • These braided laces are made out of metallic coated durable fibers. They have a unique texture that allows them to tighten and loosen easily.
  • Features either a hardened plastic tip or a custom metal tip. Both are extremely durable.
  • Non-waxed, non marking on suede skates


  • 72"
    • Most derby or low boot skates
    • Lower ankle skates
    • Typically under 10 eyelets. 
  • 96" 
    • High boot skates typically 10+ eyelets,
    • Low boot skates or derby skates over size 10 or derby skates with snug ties requiring laces
    • Higher boots like Antik using the wrap around snug
  • 108"
    • High boots with length to wrap around ankle
    • High boot Antik skates using the snug tie around the ankle
    • High boot Skates above size 10