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FI HI Fanny Pack with Bluetooth Speakers

Rainbow Dot

They're back! Grab a pair of Skidz, some shell toes, your Wayfarers and you'll be good to go. Fydelity's FI-HI Speaker fanny packs mash-up Beat Street and Muscle Beach for some groovy new skool jams. The perfect outdoor accessory, FI-HI bags big pockets to carry all your gadgets. Keeping you heads up and hands-free. Essential survival gear for roller skating, festivals, concerts, or a day at the beach. Fydelity's FI-HI Speaker fanny packs have a built-in Bluetooth amplifier and speakers that let you listen to music without headphones. FI-HI's connect to any smartphone. Bring your beats to the streets or just bust some jams with your friends while "Listening Outside the Box".


  • Slide switch to ON position. LED will illuminate blue and after several seconds the LED light will pulse blue indicating an open connection.
  • Turn on BLUETOOTH under the settings menu of your device.
    select the “Speakers” from the list of device connections.
  • You will hear a beep sound from your FYDELITY Bluetooth® Speaker Fanny Pack once it successfully pairs with your device. The LED will illuminate solid blue and pulse blue when music is playing.


  • AMPLIFIER -  Max Output Power: 3000 milliWatts, Channel: STEREO, Signal to Noise Ratio (S/N): ≥ 85dB, Frequency Range: 100Hz-18KHz
  • SPEAKER DRIVER - Size: 64mm (inner magnet), Resistance: 4 ohms, Sensitivity: 60±2dB, Power: 3000 milliwatts
  • POWER - Rated Voltage: 3.7V DC, Battery: LI-POLY, 3.7V/600mA, Duration: ~2.5 hours, Charge Voltage: 5V ± 0.25V, Recharge Time: ~2 hours
  • BLUETOOTH - Version 4.0, Range: up to 30ft/10m

ACCESSORIES (included)

  • 3.5mm TO Standard USB Charge Cable
  • printed pairing instructions


For best results, fully charge your FI-HI Speaker Fanny Pack before first use. Your FYDELITY Bluetooth® Speaker Fanny Pack requires DC 5v/500mA USB power to charge. Connect the FYDELITY Bluetooth® Speaker Fanny Pack to a computer with the included USB mini-cable.


  • POWER ON -Solid Blue then Pulsing Blue LED
  • CHARGING -Solid red LED
  • FULL CHARGE -Red LED turns off
  • RECHARGE TIME -approx 2 hours

Use coupon code: NOVEMBER20 for 20% OFF all regularly priced items!
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