Coupon/Gift Card FAQ

If you have any questions about our coupons or gift cards that aren't answered below please contact us during store hours at 603-821-1311 or by email: [email protected]


If you've forgotten your derby league/CIB chapter/skate group's sponsorship coupon code, please contact the sponsorship person on your league or email us at [email protected] Note that the sponsored league discount only applies to regularly priced items and not items that are already discounted like package deals and clearance items. We can't guarantee that we can retroactively place this coupon on your order, but if it applies you can only retroactively use a coupon if it is within 14 days of the original order.

In-store coupons can only be applied in-store, and online-only coupons can only be applied online. The sponsored league discount applies both online and in the shop.

You cannot combine most coupons. In most examples, if you try to use two coupons it will always default to the greater value to the customer. If you try to use a 10% off coupon for something that is 15% off, it will always default to the larger amount. If you try to use your 15% off coupon for something that is 10% off, it will default to 15%.

Misuse of coupons is not allowed, and reserve the right to revoke and cancel the orders of anyone misusing coupons other than their intended use. We reserve the right to deny rain checks for any items out of stock currently, and the right to cancel a coupon's duration at any time if it is being misused.

This includes, but is not limited to: Using a coupon for an item that costs less than the coupon amount, using a coupon towards a gift certificate, using a coupon for an item that is already on clearance, using a coupon for its unintended purpose, not following the coupons regulations written on the coupon, using the coupon off the date, using a coupon that is not within its parameters of who/what leagues can use the coupon.


Any item offering a promotional gift card with purchase must return the gift card when returning the item. If the gift card is not physically returned we will electronically invalidate the free gift card upon return. If the free gift card has already been used, the return item will be refunded minus the amount of the free gift card's balance and the remainder of the gift card will be invalidated. Any misuse or misconduct of promotional gift cards will not be tolerated.
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