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Discoblox Sliders

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#discoblox are designed to be your coping mechanism! Whatever you call it, slide or grind, disco blox allow you to do both 50/50 Block Grinds and Coping Slides with Ease.

  • Easy to install. Fits on most plates. Size based on plate length
  • No drilling, mounting or uninstalling your current plate
  • Includes 1 pair of Disco Blox (enough for one pair of skates) and 4 custom bushings
  • Smooth HDPE plastic
  • Lightest weight grind blocks we carry

    Standard recommeded
  • You prefer a standard slider
  • You have narrow trucks
  • Lowrider recommeded
  • You prefer a deeper set slider
  • You have Atom Pilot, Bont Tracer, or other plates that have nuts, spacers, or a flared kingpin base that would cause the blocks to sit lower. Call us if you have any questions!
  • You have wide trucks and do not want the slider to interfere on truck grinds (although you can still 50/50 grind with the regular option, some people prefer the lowrider option for this)

    We can help you with the correct size! Just enter the style of plate you have and the size of your plate and we will determine the correct size grind block.

    If you need any help with grind blocks email us at [email protected] or call us at 603-821-1311.

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