Radar Villain Wheels

Radar Villain Wheels

The Villain are great for skaters needing grip due to slippery surfaces, unusual conditions, or just because they prefer a grippy wheel. They can also be used outdoors. The Villain wheels offer great grip and lots of speed thanks to the 84A material combined with the Shark hub.

Quantum Urethane is Radar’s Hybrid formula urethane. It is extremely grippy and is very fast when combined with the Shark hub on the Villain and Villain wide. The Quantum formula used for this Villain is 84A.

Shark Hub designed with convex fins that provide stiffness to the outer edge of the wheel and allow the wheel’s tire to perform at its optimal level. Traditional hubs with square or concave designs flex and limit urethane performance, resulting in slow and sludgy wheels. The Shark hub provides superior roll (speed), and balanced support from the outside through the middle and inside edge of the wheel. Shark Hubs are made in the USA with superior grade urethane which creates an intense bond with urethane tires. It is the finest, ultralight synthetic hub available.


  • 59mm x 38mm


  • Nylon


  • 84a

Wheels sold in sets of 4 or 8. Rollerskates have 8 wheels.