Juice Wheels

Juice Rita Wheels

95a/Blue (60mm)

RITAS are the ultimate wheel for any park skater looking for smoother transitions, softer landings, and better grip on all skating surfaces. By combining a durable park formula with dual-durometer technology and a high rebound inner core, these wheels give park skaters the feel they're looking for.  Rounded edge and smaller skating surface provides a very fast and controlled ride on trainsition and bowls.


  • Blue (60mm x 21mm)
  • Purple (60mm x 21mm)
  • Green (57mm x 21mm)
  • Yellow (55mm x 21mm)


  • Nylon


  • Blue / 95a
  • Purple / 97a
  • Green / 99a
  • Yellow / 101a


Wheels sold in sets of 4 or 8. Rollerskates have 8 wheels.