Bont Hybrid Carbon Leather Avenger Skates

All Black Bont Hybrid Carbon Leather Boots with Magnesium Plates
Custom Skates:
Not eligible for returns or exchanges. The photos provided are examples of color only; the parts and accessories you choose for your skates are up to you!

We offer the ultra-light Bont Hybrid Carbon boot custom mounted to the super manuverable Sure-Grip Avenger plates, to create one of the most popular custom skates for derby and speed skating. The hybrid carbon integrates all the modern advancements in boot technology such as the use of carbon fiber, heat-moldable resins, and new layup techniques. It has been designed for skaters who want a cross between a roller derby boot and race boot. This roller derby boot is low cut like a race boot but it features a Leather outer skin which is extremely durable. Roller Derby can be hard on your roller derby skates so we have made these skates out of extremely tough materials. The triple toe protection will protect your Hybrid roller derby boots but it is always a good idea to use a toe guard. The 45 degree kingpins on the Avenger plates offer extreme manuverablity and agility, for mobility, better contact with the floor, and tight cornering.


Bont Hybrid Carbon Leather


Sure-Grip Avenger Aluminum or Avenger Magnesium


These plates are custom mounted at our shop. We normally mount custom skates as close to the factory standard wheelbase as the plates will allow. If you would like a different style mount, indicate your preference in the special instructions. Contact us if you have any questions! 


Sonar Aura wheels or your choice. If you would prefer wheels that aren't listed above, choose 'no wheels'. Then add whatever wheels you would like to your order and we will install them before shipping your skates. 


Bones Reds or your choice. If you would prefer bearings that aren't listed above, choose 'no bearings'. Then add whatever bearings you would like to your order and we will install them before shipping your skates. 


Carrera Round or your choice. If you would prefer toe stops that aren't listed above, choose Carrera Round (included with the plates). Then add whatever toe stops you would like to your order and we will install them before shipping your skates. 


Bont Men's sizes. Sizes 3-12.5 Full and half sizes. Standard width. Sizing may vary. 

Bont sizing is typically larger than most other skate boots so it is common to get a smaller size than you would in most other brands. If you are unsure of your size we recommend the Bont Sizing Calculator.


If all items are in stock then approximate processing time is 3-5 business days. If either the plate or boot need to be ordered from the manufactuer the processing time is then approximately 7-10 business days. In some cases the manufacturer may be out of stock in the US and the boots will need to be shipped from overseas, this process adds 5-7 weeks to the processing time. We will contact you if that is the case, but feel free to contact us if you want to check stock or get a specific time estimate.