Bont ParkStar Skates (Vegan) - Lavender

Bont ParkStar Vegan Lavender

The Vegan Lavendar ParkStar Roller Skate Park Package combines style, performance, and comfort all in one skate park boot.

This roller skate boot combines these three elements at an affordable price. The Bont ParkStar takes the best of Bont innovation and turns it into a roller skate boot designed for Park Skating, Bowl Skating, Recreational Skating, and Street Skating.

The Bont Vegan ParkStar boot maintains a high standard of quality. Our boots are made by hand and use anti-stretch material to ensure your roller skate boots last longer. The Anatomical Forefoot and Heel Shape also provide you with the best stability and comfort. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor skating, these suede-L high ankle boots are ready for your next adventure!


Bont ParkStar Boots (vegan)


Bont Tracer Aluminum Plates 


Bont Park Flow (99a), Bont Street Flow (89a), Bont Glide (78a), or Bont BPM (78a)




Adjustable Rounds


Bont Men's sizes. Sizes 3-13 Full and half sizes. Width is a bit wider than Bont standard width. Sizing may vary.

Bont sizing is typically larger than most other skate boots so it is common to get a smaller size than you would in most other brands. If you are unsure of your size we recommend the Bont Size Calculator.


With decades of manufacturing experience, the Bont ParkStar boot maintains their high standard of quality from start to finish. Their boots are made by hand using lasts that have been perfected since 1975. Additionally, Bont adds anti-stretch material to their boots, ensuring your roller skate boots last longer. They even go the extra step to design their boots with an Anatomical Forefoot and Heel Shape to provide you with the best stability and comfort. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor skating.


  • Base: Fiberglass
  • Uppers: Vegan Fake Suede
  • Liner: Vegan Fake Suede
  • Heel rise: 23mm internal hand formed
  • Boot height: High ankle for added support
  • Boot thickness: 1.4mm
  • Heat moldable: Fully heat moldable base utilizing epoxy thermoset resin
  • Padding: Memory foam
  • Vegan: Yes
Please note that the toe stop lock screw enters from the left side of the plate on both the right plate and left plate. Forcing the lock screw from the right side of the plate will damage the threads and void your warranty.