eZeefit Ankle Booties - 3mm

eZeefit Ankle Booties - 3mm

Great, form fitting pull-on anti-blister booties available in three thicknesses so you can choose the one that enhances your specific shoe/boot fit . EZeefit Ankle Booties allow your foot to grip your footwear better, yet offer protection from rubbing and blistering. These have been described to us a cross between sockless and wearing socks... so the best of both worlds! Features flatlock stitching for durability and stretch.


  • Fills in small gaps on loose boots
  • Reduces rub, and pressure from high top recreational boots
  • Creates friction barrier
  • Great performance wet or dry
  • Washable and reusable
  • Wearable barefoot or inside of socks

Sold in pairs.


US Women Size

Small 4 - 6
Medium 7 - 9
Large  10 - 12

US Men Size

Medium 5 - 7
Large  8 - 11