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Riedell R-Fit Footbed Kit

Riedell R-Fit Footbed Kit

Specifically designed for roller skates, the R-Fit™ Footbed Kit helps to improve alignment, and athletic performance, alleviate pain from common fit issues, and provides comfort while reducing fatigue. The kit includes the footbed, arch supports, heel wedges, heel lifts, metatarsal pads and an instruction booklet.

The R-Fit™ Footbed Kits come in two size categories that are based on the type of skate boots. The first size category, which we stock in the store, includes all Men's & Women's Low Cut Boots, Antik Skates and all Women’s High-Top Boots (such as the white 120 Award).


  • R-Fit Footbed: Made from durable high-density foam with a soft top cover and offers added cushion and support for a safer, more effective skating session
  • Adjustable Arch Supports: Three color-coded adjustable sizes for low (yellow), neutral (blue), and high (red) arches to add comfort and help decrease foot soreness and strain. The neutral arch support comes pre-installed on the footbed. For those with flat feet, you can use the footbed without any arch supports attached
  • Heel Lift: The purple heel lift helps to decrease heel movement and slippage for additional stabilization and technical correction
  • Heel Wedge: The green heel wedges are designed to help correct either pronation or supination for added heel support, stability and shock absorption
  • Metatarsal Pad: The blue metatarsal pad comes with an adhesive back to secure to the top of the footbed. It is designed to help remedy soreness, tingling or numbness in the toes and ball of the foot area


  • 3 - 4.5
  • 5 - 6.5
  • 7 - 8.5
  • 9 - 10.5
  • 11 - 13

If you need another size category (such as the black Model 172) please call us at 603-821-1311 or email us at info@bruisedboutique.com. We would be happy to assist you with a special order!

Sold as a pair.

15% OFF* coupon code: HOLIDAY15
FREE Shipping on orders over $99 (continental US)

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