XoXo 3" Grind Trucks

XoXo 3" Grind Trucks

XOXO 2.0 hangers & fit kit from Colorado Skate Hardware Co. 3 inch truck hangers kit with "Kissy Fit Kit" (three sizes of bottom cushions to help you get the correct truck height)

The XOXO is a retro fit truck kit that will fit some but not all 10 to 12 degree roller skate plates. Because of the endless slider block, plate, cushion combinations it will be up to the installer to test fit the trucks before skating.

Tested Compatibility: Avanti Plates, Sunlite Plates, Marvel (Beach Bunny) Plates

Incompatible with: Powerdyne Reactor Series Plates

Other compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

Kit contains: 4 trucks, 4 soft rubber pivot cups, 4 mini pivot cups, three heights if bottom cushions. Rollerskates have 4 Trucks.