Bont Flow Wheels

Street Flow

The Bont Flow roller skate wheel series is designed for park and aggressive street skating. Available in two hardnesses it caters to all types of skating. Going vert? Maintain great control at high speeds and quick turns with the 99a Park Flow! If aggressive street is more your style, check out the 89a Street Flow. It's a super smooth ride over bumpy surfaces and helps cushion hard landings. The special wheel edge design minimizes wheel bite on coping, rails and ledges for the perfect slide or grind. 

The Street Flow is not an outdoor road wheel, it's designed for skaters who prefer skating open street skate parks, DIY spots, halfpipes and bowls. You can use to skate on the road but it is not as smooth as skating with a soft 78a - 85a outdoor wheel.


  • 58mm x 32mm


  • 89a Street
  • 99a Park

Wheels sold in 4-packs, rollerskates have 8 wheels.