Moxi Brake Petals Toe Stops

Pink Carnation

Moxi pulled out ALL the stops on this product! Allow us to introduce the first ever toe stop made by Moxi Roller Skates, the Brake Petals. Like Brake Pedals, but more fun!

As an outdoor brand, they make a colorful array of aesthetically pleasing products to encourage our customers to personalize their skates to express their unique lifestyle.

They manufacturerd long lasting material to burn down hills, and strive for the highest-quality on the market. Moxi testers claim that the Brake Petals have lasted them through full seasons and promise surprise and delight when it comes to durability. Custom shaped for cuteness, these toe stops wear down evenly as you need to rotate them.

The stems are anodized green and shorter than standard length stops so they can be cranked all the way up for slamming on the brakes! These stops have no unintentional drag or slide and will stop on a dime if you're precise enough.

They come in 4 unique color combinations to ensure your Moxi's pop this season!

Sold in sets of 2.  Rollerskates have 2 Toestops